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How to do something N times in JavaScript

In this blog post, we will look at how to do something n times in javascript. To do any operation multiple or N times, we need to use loops in javascript.

Using loops in javascript, we can execute some instructions or code over and over again.  

// Do something N times in Javascript

const iterationCount = 5;

for (let i = 0; i < iterationCount; i++) {
  console.log(`Iteration Count: ${i}`);

// Output

// Iteration Count: 0
// Iteration Count: 1
// Iteration Count: 2
// Iteration Count: 3
// Iteration Count: 4

Here is a simple example to do something N times. In the above code, we are displaying a console log 5 times using for loop. 

We have defined a constant variable ‘iterationCount’ which holds the number of times we need to run the code inside for loop.

Inside for loop, we are using  ‘i < iterationCount’ condition to terminate the loop after 5 iterations.

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